“..Literature is not a subject but a function

– a function inseparable from communal existence..”,

Marshall McLuhan, Letter to W.J. Ong (1946)

This section probes Marshall Mcluhan’s writing to better understand how he applied literature and the arts to the critical evaluation of society. LITERATURE MATTERS, it will always be. It helps us to stay awaken, it offers the perfect antidote to the Narcissuss Narcosis.

Most papers in this section are by young students; their own ideas and knowledge interface McLuhan’s original takes on old/new media, the arts, society and literature, triggering new readings, understanding and controversies. The goal is to be awaken and have fun while playing with the Canadian critic’s uncanny explorations of the evolving ‘nowness’.

Probing Chapters:

  • The Mechanical Bride, (in progress)
  • McLuhan’s Probes, (in progress)